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The One And Only Clinically Studied, Multi-Patented Quad Electrolyte Formula.

See why we have the #1 selling, superior ketone ingredient.

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What is ketosis?

Ketosis is the natural state in which your body uses ketones for its main source of energy. When you restrict your intake of carbohydrates to 20 grams (or less) daily, your fat cells are broken down by your liver and transformed into ketones, which your body then uses to replace glucose for fuel. Ketones generate 225% more energy than glucose and produce 45-times fewer free radicals than glucose!

Free radicals are unstable atoms that damage cells, causing illness and ageing.

Real Exogenous Ketones provides the clinically proven products that kickstart ketosis, and keep you in ketosis, even when your body can’t support it on its own. With the help of trailblazer Dominic D’Agostino and a team of top researchers, we were able to deliver the only formula in the world that achieves long-lasting, sustained ketosis.

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Join the Exogenous Ketones Revolution.


Real Exogenous Ketones’ clinically-studied and multi-patented formulas allow you to experience pure ketone power without being restricted to the ketogenic diet. We’ve engineered bioidentical ketones, that when paired with our unique proprietary blend, stimulate your mind and body to increase your brain’s processing speed, supply you with sustainable, long-lasting energy, and aid in burning excess body fat. Real Ketones supports your natural ketone production, allowing you to have the benefits of ketones all day long!

We Make Keto Easy.


Intermittent fasting. Keto dieting. Meticulous meal planning. There are different ways to get your body to produce ketones, none of which are particularly easy. But with Real Exogenous Ketones clinically proven, multi-patented quad electrolyte formula, you simply enjoy your favourite flavour and realize the countless benefits: appetite suppression, stress and anxiety control, physical reaction time, mental focus, mood, memory, sleep, and beyond!

How it Works


Having ketones in the body every day has been shown to suppress appetite, provide the body with its preferred energy, help maintain balanced electrolytes and more. Getting your daily exogenous ketones from one of our many delicious maintenance products will help you maintain vital ketone levels which will support your health and “keep it off” long after you have lost the weight you want.

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Is the keto diet healthy?

The keto diet originated as a way of eating to help treat symptoms of various conditions that were adversely affected by sugar. As the benefits of ketones continued to be studied, it was found that eliminating glucose from your diet allowed one to lose weight without feeling deprived. Choosing to eat healthy fats has only been proven to have positive results over the alternative…sugar!

What can you eat on a keto diet?

We keep it simple and encourage our community to follow the following formula: Fat > Carbohydrates + Protein. It’s really that simple. If you’d like some specific ideas for your grocery list check out our for inspiration!

How long does it take to get into ketosis?

It can naturally take your body up to 2 weeks to enter a stable state of ketosis with diet alone. Real Exogenous Ketones products help elevate and sustain your ketosis, which expedites your adaptation!

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Exogenous Ketones 101

How do you know if you're in ketosis?

There are multiple ways to tell if you’re in ketosis! The most reliable testing method is a blood-ketone monitor, which can be found at your nearest drugstore or online. You’ll also feel some natural indicators such as increased energy and focus, suppressed appetite, and (in some cases) a metallic tinge to your breath!


Discover the science behind a ketone adapted lifestyle

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